IRREVERENCE 2004 added 5/14/04

(aka REVERENCE 2: electro boogaloo)
Inferno Nightclub
Madison, WI
Sat, July 31, 2004


Spread the word, ya bastards. This night is gonna tear the scene a new hole. I'll have ticket prices figured out soon. The line-up may switch around a bit, too, if anyone pisses me off. :)

Stochastic Theory's SOLILOQUY getting mastered 4/17
"Soliloquy," Stochastic Theory's debut album, is in the process of being mastered by Eric Oehler (Null Device, Ensku) at Makeshift Studios in Madison, WI. Album art is well underway and looking amazing.

We expect a June stateside release, with European distribution in negotiations.

Stochastic Theory Update 3/30/04
The EPSILON MINUS and NULL DEVICE mixes are done, with the EM mix already packing the "test dancefloors" we tried out, and the ND mix full of great breaks and really adding new dimensions to the song.

We just heard the full tracked version of the disc and it's sounding mighty fine. We're waiting on a few other remixers to get their tracks in and then the mastering process will begin. I have to say that Chuck's really outdoing himself on this disc. It's hard to make a disc that isn't pandering to the dancefloor but also catchy as hell, but he's really done it.

Y'all are gonna really dig this. World, prepare for thee ST!!

DBP At CONVERGENCE 10! 3/30/04

DJ Eurotic o' Dead Beat Productions fame (or is it "infame") will be DJing Sunday at the tenth annual CONVERGENCE gathering in Chicago, IL. Get tix now! May 7th-9th.

Hey, we're pleased as spiked punch to announce STOCHASTIC THEORY as the first member of the Dead Beat/Sonic Mainline family. ST's debut disc, SOLILOQUY, will be released mid-summer and will contain mixes (if everyone gets 'em in on time) from the likes of NEGATIVE FORMAT, EPSILON MINUS, NULL DEVICE, BACKANDTOTHELEFT, and ECHO VIRUS, with others TBA.

Check back here and at for more info. Check out the audio clips section on ST's site for a couple teasers from the upcoming disc. for more info.

For those who like to order off of ADD and WTII, we'll be restocking the quick-selling HaLO comp at those fine retailers shortly.

All the reviews for HaLO are under "Press," including Gothic Beauty's 5 out o' 5 stars review! Pick up a copy of GB and HaLO today!

Yeah, it's at Hot Topic. Like you don't shop there, too. Punks.

More fun from the HaLO comp crew!!
Pick up CTRLSHFT's excellent new full-length URBAN FRACTURE at

Pick up NULL DEVICE's gorgeous new full-length A MILLION DIFFERENT MOMENTS from all over the damn internet.

There's also been a ton of remix action in the works amongst our incestuous crew-- Brian Schuh's hit "The One Who Dismissed Me Again" has been remixed by Stochastic Theory, Null Device, and Caustic (as well as ffej). The Gothsicles "English License" been remixed by CTRLSHFT, and CTRLSHFT has likewise been remixed by The Gothsicles. Also, Caustic has been remixed by CTRLSHFT and DJ Matt Scenic, the latter making "Incendiary" actually *dancable*!

Many full-lengths and eps in the works, so keep your eyes open, people!

HaLO - The Best of Madtown Electro/Synth
A DIY compilation of the Madison underground electronic scene featuring unreleased tracks from acclaimed national artists (Stromkern, Null Device, Oneiroid Psychosis), and up and coming acts (Stochastic Theory, Brian Schuh, Echo Virus). Released July 2003.
To receive more details on this compilation including order information mail
1. Stochastic Theory - Shared Lies
2. Ensku - All is Fair
3. Brian Schuh - The One Who Dismissed Me Again
4. m00ntz! - I Don't Want Her (And Neither Do You)
5. Echo Virus - Stranded (8 Hours)
6. Signal 12 - Anesthetized
7. Null Device - Electrified
8. The Gothsicles - English License
9. ctrlshft - Half-Life
10. Oneiroid Psychosis - First the Head, Then the Body
11. Caustic- Incendiary
12. Stromkern- Ruin
13. The Dark Clan- LeStat in Cuba

Order Now from Deadbeat!
Also available online at:
A Different Drum Records Online Store
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Available in Madison at:
B-side Records
Exclusive Company (West Side)
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Upcoming Shows
Bella Morte at INFERNO June 19th!
Dead Beat Productions and CHROME S:3 are proud to welcome back

BELLA MORTE (Metropolis Records, VA)
to celebrate their newest release "As The Reasons Die"!

Chrome S:3 regular DJs WHITERABBIT and EUROTIC will be providing pre/post show beats.

21 and up. Admission price TBA. for directions/ club information
free parkin', cheap drinks, hard beats and great live music!

Upcoming show news on all fronts. 3/30/04
REVERENCE 2004 is in the works, as is the release party show (even though we don't have an actual release date just yet) for STOCHASTIC THEORY's debut "Soliloquy".

There's also a possible show in early July, but the details are sketchy still.

The REV2004 line-up is looking to bring back a few bands from last year, as well as a couple US debuts from some incredible projects. More details later.

Thanks to the REVERENCE sponsors!
Please support the sponsors of last year's REVERENCE Festival-- Ragstock, Blue Dog Comics and Games,, Glass Nickel Pizza and Jamerica!!

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